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About Us


Sina Sedghi born in 1987 has graduated in architecture engineering from science and research faculty of Azad University. He has started his profession in the early days of school by being an intern for 6 months in White Design Studio and soon became the head of the office. His achievements have brought him 8 winning awards, 2 years membership in the national elite's foundation. Shortly after graduation he established his own firm.
Sina Sedghi architects, founded in 2007 is a Persian firm for architecture and integrated design. The practice is led by its founder and chairman, Sina Sedghi. The team has designed more than 450,000 square meters residential, commercial, offices, industrial and etc. The team involves 14 experts in various fields such as planning, interior design, landscape design, supervisors and so on and so forth, who are fully skilled in many architecture and planning software..